Nordic Rebalance

We are a Swedish-Danish company that has developed ReFerm, a postbiotic product containing short-chain fatty acids and other compounds that are produced during the microbial fermentation of oats. ReFerm has shown significant clinical effect in several published studies.

In Sweden, we are part of the SmiLe Incubator at Medicon Village in Lund. In Denmark, we are at the C4 Knowledge Center in Hilleröd. Here we conduct research and development.


Skånemejerier ekonomisk förening (i.e. the southern Swedish milk farmers) launches ProViva, a fruit drink that contains the probiotic, lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus plantarum 299v. A decade later, the scientist Hans Israelsen came into contact with the people behind L. plantarum 299v.


Hans Israelsen is a MSc in chemical engineering and PhD in bacterial molecular genetics and works with gene technology and biochemistry in lactic acid bacteria.

With the knowledge and experience, Hans understands that more is needed than supplying probiotic lactic acid bacteria to reduce inflammation and symptoms due to an unbalanced intestinal flora. Hans creates a highly potent postbiotic containing short-chain fatty acids and other important molecules by fermenting oats with L. plantarum 299v.

More than 10 people with ulcerative colitis are testing the product with convincing results.

Profermin / ReFerm is born.


ReFerm is a highly concentrated post biotic product that reduces inflammation and symptoms.


The company Nordic Rebalance is formed in Denmark with the help of private investors. ReFerm is sold in Denmark under the brand name Profermin.


Skånemeierier ek.för. becomes a partner in Nordic Rebalance and becomes the largest shareholder. For Skånemejerier ek for, it is natural to continue to promote research and food development in Denmark and Sweden. Natural raw materials, ethical and environmentally friendly farming as well as the protection of knowledge and job opportunities are important watchwords for the southern Swedish dairy farmers.


Clinical studies with ReFerm (or Profermin, as the same product is called in Denmark) are being completed on patients with ulcerative colitis. These studies are published in peer-reviewed, international medical journals. ReFerm shows a statistically significant and clinically relevant effect on ulcerative colitis.


ReFerm is launched in Sweden.


Caroline Lilja Olsson is hired as marketing and sales-oriented CEO.


Caroline comes from Skånemejerier (the dairy factory), where she worked for 25 years, of which the last 11 years as marketing director with responsibility for brands, communication, sustainability and for a time also research and development.

We are Nordic Rebalance

Hans Israelsen

PhD and founder

Anders Rolfsson

Chairman of the board