ReFerm – a unique postbiotic

ReFerm is a microbially fermented postbiotic oat drink, which provides the right nutrition to the intestinal flora and the gut and especially to an imbalanced gut.

In ReFerm’s patented manufacturing process, a unique concentrate of short-chain fatty acids and other fermentation compounds is formed, which can, among other things, have an inhibitory effect on the inflammation-causing microorganisms in the intestine. Short-chain fatty acids are the intestinal cells’ main energy source and help build and strengthen the intestinal mucosa. A robust intestinal mucosa should prevent bacteria and other microorganisms that are naturally present in the intestine from leaking into the body. ReFerm not only reduces symptoms but builds the foundation for a robust intestinal flora and intestinal barrier.

What makes ReFerm unique?

ReFerm reduces and relieves both the cause and the symptoms of various degrees of chronic inflammation, such as in IBS, among others. Selected microbial fermentation compounds, also called postbiotics, provide the intestine and the intestinal flora with the right nutrition that strengthens the intestinal mucosa, so that inflammation can be reduced or eliminated.

What do customers say?

“It’s the best I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many products in the pursuit of improving my bloated, gassy.” -Konny

“I can swear under oath that ReFerm has done wonders for my stomach.” – Britt-Marie

“ReFerm actually works! After about 1 month with ReFerm, I got so much better. The stomach, the energy, the joints and not least the feeling of hopelessness just disappeared.” -Carina

The result of ReFerm

Unique in its kind

ReFerm is a highly concentrated postbiotic for the treatment of various degrees of inflammation and complaints such as in IBS. Unique in its kind.

Clinically tested

Clinical studies are published in peer-reviewed, medical journals. Nordic Rebalance and ReFerm continuously participate in research projects and clinical studies.

Easy to drink

ReFerm is taken once or twice daily. Choose between ReFerm in powder, which is easy to take with you, or a ready-to-drink version, which is simply poured into a glass.

Clear difference

A positive difference is usually evident within two weeks. Most people continue with ReFerm for one to two months depending on the extent of symptoms.