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All disease begins in the gut, said Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher and father of modern medicine already 2,000 years ago.

The intestinal flora is of crucial importance for our health. When the intestinal flora and the body are not in symbiosis, chronic inflammation can develop. A bad intestinal flora or an intestinal flora in dysbiosis cannot be cured with medicine, but with the diet we can build a strong intestinal flora and thus strong health.

Hans Israelsen has a master’s degree in chemistry and a PhD in bacterial molecular genetics and is working in genetics and biochemistry in lactic acid bacteria. Based on his knowledge and experiences in microbiology, Hans was convinced that it takes more to change a hostile gut flora than just adding good bacteria. Hans was very early on when, already in 2004, he invented a highly potent post biotic containing, among other things, short-chain fatty acids and other important molecules produced primarily by fermenting oats with the help of Lactobacillus planetarium 299v. Recent research results fit into Hans’ hypotheses and own research studies, which form the basis for ReFerm. 

These include the following: 

  • Chronic inflammation is behind many conditions and diseases both in the gut and in the body
  • Even people with IBS show low-grade intestinal inflammation
  • Lack of proper nutrition for the gut and the intestinal flora results in a weak intestinal gut barrier, which increases the risk of that resident microorganisms can leak into the body and activate the body’s immune system resulting in inflammation
  • Highly potent postbiotics such as ReFerm strengthens the intestinal gut barrier and reduces inflammation and symptoms

Clinical studies with ReFerm or Profermin, as the product was previously called in Denmark, have been carried out on patients with ulcerative colitis. The papers describing these studies are peer-reviewed and published in medical journals. In 24 weeks, ReFerm was able to alleviate the symptoms of 2 out of 3 people with severe gastrointestinal problems. The latest research study explains how ReFerm, strengthens the intestinal gut barrier. Furthermore, ReFerm is included in a randomized clinical trial in a large EU research project within the framework of Horizon 2020. This trial analyzes the effects of Referm on liver inflammation and exciting results from this will be published in 2023. 

Research by Nordic Rebalance

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